Monday, August 28, 2006

ooh the things I do to amuse myself

For those that know me, it's no secret how easily amused I am or the crazy things I'll to amuse myself. So, while this class I'm attending here in San Diego isn't exactly hard for me, nor is any of the material anything I haven't seen at least a half dozen times over, it's all a matter of shaking the cob webs off those particular memories.

Since I tend to be very focused on what I'm doing I haven't really figure on seeing many of the sights yet.

So being as I'm a bit wound up still, think a lot of it has to do with the timed release vitamins I've begun to take, I figured an old way to amuse myself. That being seeing just how much difference different types of music change the mood for the various porn clips I have on the laptop. Funniest I think is listening to O Fortuna from Orff's Carmina Burana, makes it seem like you're witnessing a dark or pagan ritutual. Chopin's The Entertainer makes it seem like you're watching a silent era film, only missing is to convert it the clip into a Sepa format :) Think I need to find a Dueling Bango's clip and see if I get flashes of Deliverance going.

Ok, enough procrastination, back to the books to shake some more rust off this stuff.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

OCD, ADD and other musings

ok, I'll pass on a little advice, if you're going to do a lot of traveling in the future, I'd highly recommend getting them space saving bags. When I first came down here I would be lucky to get all my clothes inside my old Army issue duffle bag, using those bags I've got it all in half of the bag, leaving me quite a bit of extra space for some of the other items i've accumilated so far.

Almost a full little kitchen cook wear set being left to the maids, but so far all the mariners I've met consider a portion of our salary as disposable income and what we buy with it not to last very long.

Still, I'm going to end up with quite a bit of extra room in my bags. Guess i'll figure a way to stick my brief case in my extra bag, just take out the important documents and keep them with me. Delta still has a reputation for loosing bags and I really don't feel like trying to replace any of my passports, my licenses, certificates or medical records. I'd just take the brief case with me onboard but half the time at airport screening TSA wants to confiscate my navigation instruments. That's just redicous, if someone can take over an aircraft with a set of dividers with an itty bitty point on 'em, then there's seriously something wrong with this pacifistic society.

Bad enough as it is that I have to keep reminding me that my pocket knives have to be packed in my checked baggage, as anyone who works in the maritime industy, a good mariner always has a knife of him or herself. Most times I have one kept in any of my jackets, vests and pants I will be wearing, so at times I'm toating around at least 3 knives. Those, I could understand a little, I keep them sharp enough to shave with, I pass the time sharping my knives with a precision sharpening set and diamond stones.

I'd be curious to know if there's ever been any studies looking into how many vets have some form of obsessive/compuslive disorder. I had one co worker that would tease me about being anal about the strangest stuff while indifferent about things everyone else would obsess about.

I sometimes wonder if I have some form of ADD, but then I realize that it's the "B & C" of things. When I think of stuff, I can very often go from point A to point D without passing through B or C. Kind of leads me to sometimes loose my train of thought since I can resolve matters faster then i realize and move on.

Anyways, basically done packing, a little bit of sewing and then it's off to bed since it's an early morning wake up to get to the air port 3 hours ahead of time now because of the idiots on the other side of the world. Should have just summarily exceuted them on the spot, solve a lot of problems real fast when the world realizes you aren't going to play around any more.

Friday, August 25, 2006

got my marching orders

woohoo, talk about a happy camper this afternoon when I recieved my orders authorizing my travel to San Diego for training. I can see why everyone wants a transfer to the West Coast operations, get paid more for higher cost of living, recieve higher per diem since I guess it's more expensive to eat out west and things are a little more relaxed being on the other side of the country from headquarters.

so now the fun part, packing up everything, hope it all fits and I can get my bags in under 50 lbs each. I'm curious just how much I'll be leaving behind for the maids.

There's always lots I think of to say during the day that might make intresting posts but I can never remember what my train of thought is by the time i get to the computer or else I resolve the matter in my head and there for don't need to write it down.

Anyways, my eyes are loosing their battle to the Zzzz monster still have a busy day tomorrow, packing and mailing out whatever I can't pack up.

Monday, August 14, 2006

In Trutina

In trutina mentis dubia
fluctuant contraria
lascivus amor et pudicitia.
Sed eligo quod video,
collum iugo praebeo;
ad iugum tam suave transeo.

I usually listen to this as sung by Charlotte Church each morning, what I listen to first thing in the morning tends to set the mood for the rest of the day. For those that don't know Latin, one of the accept translations for the prose is this:

I am suspended
Between love and chastity
But I choose
What is before me
And take upon myself the sweet yoke.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts that come to me while I'm on my walks.

a) these young kids that drive around in 4x4 vehicles with lift kits and big tires but has never taken it off roading crack me up. What's the point of all that extra equipment if you're not going to use it?

b) watching the teenagers on the weekend evenings is a trip, remind me of peacocks trying to get their plumage just right. The car must be the right make/model, playing the right music, have the right rims, wearing the right clothes and driving the right speed through the same areas.

c) It's amazing how much further or how much more cooperation you get when you're pleasant to people.

d) This world has a long way to go in distinguishing the difference between serving someone and being their servant. I witnessed a woman cleaning out her purse at a fast food resteraunt and rather than take the trash 3 feet to a trash can she dumped it on the floor so the guy sweeping up could get it.

e) I am easily distinguished as an out of towner because of my preference to walking over riding.
f) It's easy to tell I come from a colder climate, my clothes are mostly dark in color.

g) Chivilary isn't quite dead but those who uphold it are few and far between.

h) people who take more then 20 items through a less then 20 item check out line bug me.

i) while starbucks is better then yuban, hills brothers, mjb, and folgers, there's still better coffee out there.

j) the youth of today need discipline, the kind that child protective servies frowns upon.

k) this world would be a better place without lawyers.

l) when I get around to buying a new computer or component a month later something newer will come out and the price on what i just bought will have gone down 50%

m) when I'm extremely tired, I will find myself spelling words correctly when I type, except they are exactly backwards.

n) I tend to be a phonetic speller

o) I hated english/grammer in school

p) I have more discount club cards then I know what to do with and 90% I will probably not use again.

q) East Coasters adapt easier to living on the West Coast but not visa versa.

r) I still haven't figured out why men are attracted to pamela anderson.

s) Things are never impossible for those who don't have to do them.

t) immitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the surest way of failure.

u) a mistake becomes a failure if you fail to learn from it.

v) I still haven't figured out how these kids aren't deaf listening to music at those levels in cars.

w) a woman who can handle firearms confidently is sexy.

x) I tend to do stupid/crazy stuff when bored. If I stay here in Virginia any longer I think I'll take sky diving lessons.

y) Its amusing to no end to see people blindly following traditions. I mean, how many people actually remember the signifigance of a bride wearing white at a wedding?

z) the wedding march comes from Wagner's A Pegan Wedding.

ok, I should probably get to bed, gotta be up again in about three hours.