Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the big 100

well, I had a couple different topics I've been mulling over the last few days, especially on my weekend walks, but alas i loose momentum when I start trying to record my discussions with myself.

I had also planned on celebrating my 100th post and my 31st bday on the same day but I got side tracked yesterday, which isn't really hard to do in all honesty. been tired the last few days, however I am changing up my diet, the mini fridge is loaded up with "rabbit" food (I find it amusing since I'm a rabbit under the chinese zodiac) and I'm working one weining myself off caffine.

there was more I was gonna babble on about but I lost my train of thought again when a friend of mine who I haven't talked with in a while instant messaged me as i was just starting to type this entry out.

Oh well, there's not a whole of intresting things going on in my life right now, low key and in stealth mode, which is the way I tend to like things.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

back in the east

well, I've been back in Norfolk since labor day. Been kicking around some ideas for blogs but everytime I get to writting the hotel wireless starts acting up. Well, I think it's this crappy back up wireless card I'm using, can't wait for my good one to be replaced by Linksys.

more to come later, might just write offline and then log in fast and publish, but that hasn't always worked out either.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

just had to check out Tijuana

Ok, had to do the obligatory trip down to TJ during my stay here in San Diego. I get the question all the time with everyone I've talked with about me going to class here, not like I needed an excuse to go across the border anyways.

Didn't get to check out the place that was recommended to me, couldn't remember the name (doesn't help I'm terrible with names), but I still managed to find some mischief to get into none the less.

I really should learn to speak spanish, I kept getting spoken to in spanish and I have no idea what's being said. Kind of fun, I'm mistaken for nearly race from the pacific rim but the one I really am. I've only run into a handful of people who knew where I was from, let alone what native tribe I am, without me telling them first.

Coming back through customs, couldn't help but think of George Orwell and his vision of the future in his novel 1984. Next time I come up for a security clearance, gonna have to make sure I list this trip since my passport was scanned coming back across, so now there is a trail of where and when I crossed the border.

Anyways, there was some other stuff I was contemplating on the trolley ride back to the hotel but seems to have slipped my mind. Now the last minute panic of repacking all my bags to catch a flight in a few more hours, aah the energy of putting stuff off to the last minute.