Friday, February 29, 2008


ok, so i've put off going to the dentist for way too long. the good news is that i'm not that bad off. however, the teeth that native health put fillings in long ago had to come out, they were just too far gone now to even repair with a crown. the army dentists did what they could to repair 'em but the native health dentists used such sloppy technique that it was only a stop gap. the people who push for socialist health care obviously never had to live using that kind of system, you definately get what you pay for, yeah capitalism.

hopefully i can keep this post coherent, the local anestetic has all but worn off and not sure what's going to happen when the Oxycodone kicks in, i'm not a real big drug taking person outside of excedrine and sudafed.

I couldn't help but think of the movie Major Payne, on my walk over to Walmart to get my perscription filled slipped and about busted my ass on some powder snow covered glare ice. Caught myself enough that i skinned up my knee pretty good, but didn't find out about that until i went to the bathroom and some of the hair on my leg was matted with blood and a nice gash along my knee cap.

oh, here's a link for an intresting government project, I wonder who talked them into running this little scam, like the government doesn't waste enough money as it is.

I wonder what the little hair parlor in the hotel lobby charges for a haircut. It's been 4 weeks and it's time to get another shave done. My friend Adam's wife constantly chides the both of us for keeping the same style of haircut we had in the army a decade ago, but when you do something for so long, there's not really much point in changing. Besides, his hair is starting to thin and keeping everything short helps hide my greys.

Went and watched The Bucket List last night. Depending on how well I feel later on, I may see if I can catch a showing of The Other Boleyn Girl tonight, but with it just opening, the lines might be big. The only movies I ever stood in line for opening night were LoTR Two Towers and Return of The King.

Let's see if Blogger will let me upload photos this time around. Hard to believe they have six foot wing spans, eh?


Blogger Ladyred said...

o0o0o fo-tos. I like em!

Stealth mode. You crack me up.

10:19 AM AKST  
Blogger e.e. said...

GREAT PHOTOS!!!!!! Woohoo!

2:30 PM AKST  

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