Sunday, March 18, 2007

the 300

Well, just had to go see it again today, was actually trying to see the Shooter but it wasn't at the theater I went to, maybe I'll look around to see where it's playing.

While I do enjoy a good movie, and usually I'm not that critical of movies, the biggest glaring error made was the Spartans didn't fight without armor. In fact their Hoplites were the tank of their day, greaves covering the lower legs, the shield covering from knee to shoulder, a bronze curiass (breast plate) covering the torso and a bronze helm protecting the helm. Added to the fact that they fought in a close order phallanx, was like hitting a shield wall. They also didn't wear foot gear, having run bear foot from birth they had tough feet so they didn't need footwear.

The Persian army was suppose to number only 200,000 not the millions claimed. Still the 300 Spartans, 200 Acdians and 2000 other lesser and support troops did manage to hold that pass for 3 days. Inflicting an estimated 20,000 casulaties, counting amoung them the Immortals, left the Persian Army demoralized.

What wasn't discussed was that while the battle raged on land, a naval battle was going on as well. Or the fact that they fought in shifts, switching up the ones up in front taking the brunt off the attack to those in the back.

The influence of the Spartans is seen even to this day. The Roman legions method of fighting, including weapons was based on the Spartans. Having a professional standing army instead of miltia. Equiping soldiers in the same gear. Espre de Corps. Even on modern US armor units you can see a "lambda" painted on the side of the hull, lambda being the first letter for Lakedaimonioi or Spartan.

I still have to admire them, in the face of overwhelming odds, they still stood their ground and did their duty. Their rear guard action bought time for the rest of the Greek armies to mobilize and unified them.


Blogger Ladyred said...

i'm not one for graphic novels but this movie was based on one and i'm thinkin those characters didn't wear armor, hence no armor in the movie.

which is good for me, :drools: eye candy......

i watched it going in knowing that it was basically a visual effects movie, as the whole thing was filmed on blue screens, which from an artist's point of view (mine) was pretty damn good.

:drools: eye candy.....

would not have been as much fun for me if they all wore all that damn armor.

6:48 PM AKDT  

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