Saturday, March 17, 2007

st. patrick's day, meh!

well, technically it's the day after but a moot point. I guess the hotel's bar/resteraunt had a party and it had a pretty high attendance. So it's 2 AM and everyone's walking through the hallways being loud, obnoxious and generally creating drama. I thought of calling the front desk since there are guests here that do work on the weekends but figured they probably have enough phone calls as it is.

So I decided to go for a drive and pick up some orange juice since I go through it quite quickly when I can get my hands on quality stuff. I'm driving down I-264 doing just 5 over the speed limit which is about all I'll do and I see traffic come flying up in my rear view mirror. Doing what any good driver should do, I move as far into the right hand lane as I can and let the speed demon/idiots pass me. Half a mile down the road I see nothing but brake lights. Sure enough one of the idiots in a high centered SUV that blew past me like I was standing still looked like bounced off both cement barriers on either side of the highway and came to rest right in the middle lane.

Kind of amazing to see everyone leave their vehicles to go see what's going on despite not knowing first aid and just getting in the way. I, despite having quite a bit of first aid was relucant to leave me vehicle to help. Why? I have no obligation to render first aid and if I start to then I must continue to do so until proper authorities arrive. It was 2:30 in the morning, I really wasn't in any mood to stick around.

I've always wondered why people are in such a hurry. The speed limits are posted for a reason. Even though my Endeavor isn't that high centered, I still drive with caution because I know it's higher then most sports cars.

It's too bad the DMV's don't increase the costs of getting a license, help remind people that driving is a privilage not a right. Probably wouldn't matter too much in this undisciplined society, kind of funny how paranoid people get and over correct when they see a cruiser.

M'k, it's 4 am and I'll probably just take my grouchy self to bed, I slept nearly all day on friday and half the day on saturday, guess my body needed more rest then i thought.


Blogger Ladyred said...

omg i so will not get started on the idiot speeders out there.

but i'll touch on it. in most cases i will get out of their way, but if i am hormonal (um well wait that's probably most of the time haha) i won't move. or i'll slow down. or if i have that hair up my ass and they are up my rear end, i tap or even slap on the brakes. that usually gets them to back off before i decide to move over. i move just ahead of the guy in the right lane but won't give enough room for the guy behind me to pass me. i know i can be such a bitch.

but i've mellowed some. like i said if the idiot is a total ass, like swaying left and right trying to intimidate me to move, fuck him.

i myself don't go over 5 over, one because i don't need a $200 ticket and two my truck just doesn't stop on a dime and i'm not risking my life for some asshole.

6:53 PM AKDT  

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