Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ok, I'm off.....this time I mean it

Time is nearing, I'm finally out of here for my first ship assignment with MSC that is, not counting the years i've already spent on the water.

I was hoping I'd have a chance to lay over in Amsterdam, but I'll have just enough time to get off one plane and get on another. Here's where I'm heading for at least the next 4 months, the USNS Supply maybe longer if I like the boat/route/crew.

Feeling a little bit paranoid at the moment, I was required to get a small pox immunization before I could leave. It's a live virus, albiet less hazardous one then the real small pox so I have to under quite a few precautions not to let anyone else come into any contact with the discharge from the shot site, the bandages covering it or the scab that is suppose to form on it. So my skin's been just itching since I was told not to scratch the site, could feel little tingling in my lympth glands under my arm.

I'm actually curious how long it will take to run it's course in me, I have a history of being a fast healer, though it has shown signs of slowing down with age. Wonder if there is any way to test exactly what your immune system is boltered against, I'm sure mine would probably raise some eye brows.

well, nothing on the idiot box and just finished another book. Might just call it a night, had a hard time getting up this morning, think it has to do with it getting colder at night, i sleep better in the cold.


Blogger Ladyred said...

i don't know if i sleep better in hot or cold weather. i think warmer. i hate being cold. always have. although i like the cold if i have someone to snuggle up against hehe.

o0o0 nifty ship. always wanted to go on one. never even been close. tanks and F18s about all i've seen and been up close and personal on.

you'll have internet access? always cool to stay in touch. even cooler swappin photos!

6:26 PM AKDT  
Blogger gus said...

well, I don't actually leave until sunday, forgot to mention that.

I'm just like a bear, go to sleep easier when it's cold but has to be warm for me to get up or else I'll just snuggle further into the covers.

6:37 PM AKDT  

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