Monday, October 23, 2006

Vehicle Options

Ok, I just have to ask the question, where do people buy the vehicles with the optional turn signals?

Been on a drivers' critique for a while now, seems no matter where I go, no one seems to be able to drive, at least polietely.

Next time you have a moment, take a look at the hand positions of the "stare" drivers, they are usually at least the traditional 10-2 position. I, myself only use one hand and it's either a 4 or 8 position. Hand over hand turning for small turning of the wheel but if I must turn hard and fast I palm the wheel since "suicide balls" are illegal. With the proliferation of airbags, I'm surprised more haven't switched to a 4-8 or at least a 3-9.

I still haven't figured out the purpose of driving with your left arm shifted to hold the 2 o'clock position on the wheel.

Why are people afraid to use the gas pedal in leaving a stop light but have no problem bllowing through parking lots?

I do wish driver's liceneses were as tough to get here as they are in europe, lots of drivers training and you'll end up spending around $3k, so to put it in jeopardy is idiocy. Don't know why states don't jack the prices up, of course then we wouldn't have all these poor drivers on the roads jacking up the price of insurance and contributing to the enconomy getting the vehicles repaired/replaced.

What ever happened to the trend of putting spacers on the wheels so they were no longer underneath the wheel hubs? Cracks me up seeing all these truely impractical equipment in vehicles, guess I'm biased towards trucks.

Ok, I should get to bed if it weren't for this late night mt dew i just drank, might as well get started on the next book, starting to slow down from one novel a day to one every other day.

still no word on when I'll be leaving, but I don't mind, can't rush what is beyond my control.


Blogger Ladyred said...

As for your comments on my blog, as for photos I will have tons from Australia but I also have ALL kinds...all kinds of photos.....

Congrats on the uh is it deployment? Not sure what you call it.

I get my books online, either through Amazon or Love online shopping.....Plus they usually have so much more to choose from, so maybe you could find those books Borders doesn't have.

Oh as for the driving, I'm so with you there. I don't speed out of a stoplight. FOr one thing my truck doesn't do that unless I floor it. And I personally don't feel the need to shoot out of there like a bullet. Plus, when others do that. I catch up to them and pass them. It's like they are saying "I have to be first out of here!" But then they just slow down, either go under the speed limit or just at. Seems everyone is in a hurry to get nowhere. O what else I love! The asshole that's driving like a snail, only to then pass you, only to be in front of you to SLOW DOWN To SNAIL'S PACE again. Um ok, if you passed me, then I would aSSUME you would want to go faster. But no. So then they get pissed off cause all they see is my grill in their rear view. Grrrr.

6:44 AM AKDT  

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