Friday, August 25, 2006

got my marching orders

woohoo, talk about a happy camper this afternoon when I recieved my orders authorizing my travel to San Diego for training. I can see why everyone wants a transfer to the West Coast operations, get paid more for higher cost of living, recieve higher per diem since I guess it's more expensive to eat out west and things are a little more relaxed being on the other side of the country from headquarters.

so now the fun part, packing up everything, hope it all fits and I can get my bags in under 50 lbs each. I'm curious just how much I'll be leaving behind for the maids.

There's always lots I think of to say during the day that might make intresting posts but I can never remember what my train of thought is by the time i get to the computer or else I resolve the matter in my head and there for don't need to write it down.

Anyways, my eyes are loosing their battle to the Zzzz monster still have a busy day tomorrow, packing and mailing out whatever I can't pack up.


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