Sunday, July 09, 2006

what a week

got tired of being at the whim of the hotel bus drivers going and coming from class, very often we'd wrap up at 2:30 and have to wait around until 5 for the bus to finally show up. So a friend and I went in together and rented a car for the week.

It's amazing what being polite and funny can do for you customer service wise. It was just about COB and things were going completely wrong in the rental office, but we were patient and cracking jokes. The manager ended up giving us a corporate rate and upgraded our vehicle to a mid size for a compact rate.

Actually felt human again being able to drive around where you wanted when you wanted. Made a trip to Philly at the first of the month, took a short detour down to Atlantic City, I miss read the instructions and put us on the Parkway instead of the Turnpike.

Spent the next couple days just decompressing, was enjoyable to sit around barbeque stuff on the grill, have a few drinks (well was more then a few but who's counting) and chat with new friends. Sunday we did the tourist bit down in Phily, walked around the water front, did the whole Maritime History Museum and Waterpark Fair. Drove around until we found another hole in the wall joint and had a Philly Cheesesteak sandwhich.

Of course, I was left to navigation again, without a map to guide me, so we did a driving tour of Philly, saw the historic district and the other side of the tracks so to speak. Not sure what it was called but the park area by the Sculycul river was just georgious. I wanted to stop and watch the rowers on the water but we were starting to get on a time crunch for getting back to the hotel.

For the 4th we jetted down to Atlantic City, took another scenic route, we missed an exit that wasn't very well marked, but we weren't in a real hurry to get down there. Arrieved right around 2 p and the drinking commenced. I've always said that I'm tempted to start drinking just to have something to do here in New Jersey, well I wasn't really sober up until we left at 2 am.

Was reassuring to smell the sea, well, it's actually the smell of the intertidal land but regardless meant we were near the water and could hear the waves breaking on the beach. Could see people scrunching up their noses when some of the smells would get over powering but we took it all in like we were smelling the familar scents of home.

Finally just sat around the hotel yesterday, played cards, told stories and grilled some chicken and fresh corn on the cob. Was a much needed break after being on the go for the entire week we had the car.

Looking forward to leaving but no idea when I'll be getting my orders for San Diego.


Blogger e.e. said...

Hrrmmmf. FINE. GO to Philly. What does Philly have that Boston doesn't have, Gus? Hmmmmm?
Altho I dunno if I could have kept up with all the drinking... I am getting older, ya know!


6:39 PM AKDT  
Blogger Ladyred said...

thanks for dottin my map! it's gettin crowded on the northeast side hehe.

5:52 AM AKDT  
Blogger Sky said...

Gus, you drunk dialing e.e yet? :P

6:18 AM AKDT  
Blogger Ladyred said...

i see your comments but no new first i thought it was my, not refreshing my cookies or something.....although i know my cookies are refreshing....anyhow.....*laughs*

10:57 AM AKDT  

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