Monday, June 19, 2006

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So, this week is an intresting bit of training. Non-lethal forms of hand to hand combat. It's almost better to come into something like this without any sort of training then to have even the basics of what I have already been through.

This isn't very advanced, some basic throws and joint lock/holds for take downs. My hesitenacy in all this, is my own fear of my own strength. Rather then risk injuring my fellow shipmate in practice I find myself hesitating nor using quite the right amount of pressure to pull these moves off. I still have some fair amount of residual strength from when I went hog wild years ago months before I got out of the Army and added 40 lbs of bulk muscle in less then 4 months. It's still fun to see the surprise on people's faces on the agility/balance/speed I possess despite me being this big of size.

Well towards the end of the week, things will get more intresting as we go about force on force training using sub caliber weapons of what we trained with to shoot paint ball like rounds inside a ship mockup. There is definately a different mind set to this whole minimal force approach, what you typically see employed by the law enforcement community. Taking a lot of restraint to not shoot first and ask questions later.

This of course brings up what I've been seeing in the news the last few weeks of "ethics" in battle. That's about an oxymoron if I've ever heard one, there's nothing ethical about warfare. If it weren't so sad it would be humorous that politicians and the public are outraged about the unethical behavior of combat troops in a hostile enviroment. We weren't trained as peace keepers, that's what the Military Police are for, Infantry and Marines are trained to kill, oh wait, I am suppose to be politially correct, we're trained to "close with and destroy the enemy". What ever happened to using the right tool for the job?


Blogger e.e. said...

um... gus?
The whole statement:
"Taking a lot of restraint to not shoot first and ask questions later" makes me kinda nervous...


5:25 PM AKDT  
Blogger Sky said...

well you have to know him ee...he isn't exactly normal :)

6:37 AM AKDT  

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