Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh, Happy Days

a little bit of panic this morning to get the blood flowing, so I've forgone the usual half a pot of coffee. Got a call from dispatch about putting to sea tonight at 19:00 local, I told 'em yesterday when i turned in a copy of my drug screen that I needed a few days to put together the uniforms, since I'll be switching from the Deck Dept to the more formal Steward Dept for a few weeks anyways. So I called dispatch back and they rescheduled me for friday. So friday morning I start my training voyage, since this job doesn't official begin until the end of may, onboard the M/V Taku.

Friday I should be finding out when I'll be heading East as well. I haven't told AMHS that I have another job lined up and just waiting on the word. I'll give 'em as much time as I can, but this was just for the summer and more then likely i'd be laid off when they do a reduction in force come mid september since i won't have senority built up by then.


Blogger e.e. said...

hmmm... what type of ship is the M/V Taku?
Will you still be able to blog?
What will you be doing besides swabbin' the decks??? ;)
Good luck!

4:48 PM AKDT  
Blogger gus said...

it's a ferry with the Alaska Marine Highway System, transports vehicles and passangers throughout the various communities in Southeast Alaska. There's also a Southwest run but I opted not to be put on that crew list since it's a day run so I'd have to find some place to live up north.

Nope, no blogging, will probably be too busy since this is my "training" cruise.

8:55 PM AKDT  

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