Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I got Paroled!

well, I've been just walking on cloud 9 since monday afternoon. Put in a request and had it fast tracked, should be recieving my orders pretty quick to head to San Diego sometime after the 4th of July to undergo some more training. Once I submit this training to the Coast Guard, it's a few week wait and then I'll be seeing at least a 50% increase in my base pay at a minimum. Plus, during this wait time, since the company I work for is hurting for this postion, the whole industry is actually will put me up in a hotel and pay me to boot until I get my new papers. Sure beats twiddling my thumbs in New Jersey.

Although, I wouldn't be able to make the trips to New York so easily, that was an intresting trip. Did a lot of walking around, just seeing the sites, watching the people and frequenting all the side walk venders. Found a little hole in the wall pizzeria that had the best pizza I've had to date, we figured it was a good spot when the line for it was out the door. Would like to do more of the tourist bit, but the whole trip was basically to walk off a hang over and just get out there and walk since we've been stuck sitting in the classroom these many weeks. Slept like a baby saturday night, I should hope so after 7 continuous hours of walking.

I shall cut this shorter, I have much more to say but have a little study/review for a written test tomorrow which is a prerequiset for the practical exam on friday and that'll effectively be the end of my training here in New Jersey.


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