Saturday, July 22, 2006

I've been slacking

Ok, so I find myself back in Norfolk, VA while the detailers try to figure out where to stick us for a ship assignment. It's a bit aggrevating, but trying to use logic and the government is an exercise in fultility.

If I don't hear any status soon on my request for this class in San Diego, that I was already suppose to be there attending, I've begun setting things up on my own and just eat the cost of it so I can get the license upgrade done.

And I hear questions occasionally why there is such turn over rate here, not many people can tolerate the BS that comes with a government job, not to mention you can make just the same in the commercial side of the industry and have a lot more time off.

There's been much going through my mind, a bit too much time to think, I'm better off doing then thinking. Why being assigned to assist one of our ships in dry dock is both a blessing and a curse. It's good to be actually doing something instead of sitting like a bump on a log waiting for orders, but at the same time we're doing menial labor for the same pay as the people who are sitting around in an air conditioned building.

There's a small chance I could get on as a crew member of the USNS Patuxent, which is a fleet oiler but I'm still thinking of wanting to see more of the world then just the bahamas. The bosun mate that's in charge of us day workers kept telling me yesterday to slow down and take it easy since I was knocking the jobs I was assigned pretty quick.

What's he to expect, a worker bee that's been held idle for months going through training that I've for the most part been through already. I will have to get back into the government job mental status pretty quick, I use to be an expert at screwing off but looking like I was the hardest worker in my section ;) Just learn to do your job better 'en anyone else, and don't let anyone see you do it.

At least I can get online at this hotel and the service is at least somewhat reliable.


Blogger Ladyred said...

hey take pictures!! haha

oh i'm sure you will get right back into the government's like riding a bike, or sex after a long never forget hehehe

nice ship. i always wondered what it was like on one....or a sub.....been to several flight lines and to the airfield here where there were tanks and cool. recruiters couches er um offices though were pretty boring.....

(commenting from the comments on my blog lol)
I used a GLock before, too heavy for me, but it was nice (have friends on the police force o0o0o0) I saw the girlie-girl guns from Beretta and S&W etc. but I think I like the Ruger the best. So I'll see.....right now school and hangin on to what money I have is priority, then if I get that sugar daddy he can buy me shit. Oh yea I'm open for applications! LOL

4:57 PM AKDT  
Blogger Sky said...

You better be there still if I end up going there soon.

11:51 AM AKDT  

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