Saturday, August 26, 2006

OCD, ADD and other musings

ok, I'll pass on a little advice, if you're going to do a lot of traveling in the future, I'd highly recommend getting them space saving bags. When I first came down here I would be lucky to get all my clothes inside my old Army issue duffle bag, using those bags I've got it all in half of the bag, leaving me quite a bit of extra space for some of the other items i've accumilated so far.

Almost a full little kitchen cook wear set being left to the maids, but so far all the mariners I've met consider a portion of our salary as disposable income and what we buy with it not to last very long.

Still, I'm going to end up with quite a bit of extra room in my bags. Guess i'll figure a way to stick my brief case in my extra bag, just take out the important documents and keep them with me. Delta still has a reputation for loosing bags and I really don't feel like trying to replace any of my passports, my licenses, certificates or medical records. I'd just take the brief case with me onboard but half the time at airport screening TSA wants to confiscate my navigation instruments. That's just redicous, if someone can take over an aircraft with a set of dividers with an itty bitty point on 'em, then there's seriously something wrong with this pacifistic society.

Bad enough as it is that I have to keep reminding me that my pocket knives have to be packed in my checked baggage, as anyone who works in the maritime industy, a good mariner always has a knife of him or herself. Most times I have one kept in any of my jackets, vests and pants I will be wearing, so at times I'm toating around at least 3 knives. Those, I could understand a little, I keep them sharp enough to shave with, I pass the time sharping my knives with a precision sharpening set and diamond stones.

I'd be curious to know if there's ever been any studies looking into how many vets have some form of obsessive/compuslive disorder. I had one co worker that would tease me about being anal about the strangest stuff while indifferent about things everyone else would obsess about.

I sometimes wonder if I have some form of ADD, but then I realize that it's the "B & C" of things. When I think of stuff, I can very often go from point A to point D without passing through B or C. Kind of leads me to sometimes loose my train of thought since I can resolve matters faster then i realize and move on.

Anyways, basically done packing, a little bit of sewing and then it's off to bed since it's an early morning wake up to get to the air port 3 hours ahead of time now because of the idiots on the other side of the world. Should have just summarily exceuted them on the spot, solve a lot of problems real fast when the world realizes you aren't going to play around any more.


Blogger e.e. said...

Good luck, Gus!
Send us a post from the West Coast!

10:47 AM AKDT  

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