Monday, October 02, 2006

To tango

Last week, when I was planning on writing and got interrupted was a bit of role reversal for this friend of mine and myself. Usually it's me messaging her asking what a woman's point of view on one subject or another. This time she was asking me asking me what a guy would look for in women in general, out at the clubs, how to dress, what kind of perfume etc. All the questions got me thinking, which isn't always the best of things for me to doing.

First topic was clothing, how a woman dresses that will catch my eye in general and when going out. I guess I'll always look no matter what so as long as she looks comfortable, it's all good. As for going to clubs, not something I'm too keen on (most tend to over load my senses), while I appreciate all the effort most women go through to look good, what turns me off is when women cross the line between sexy and sleazy. Guess I'm a bit old fashion but there are something that should be worth waiting for and/or left to some imagination.

On to perfume, I'm not real picky about it, the "clean" smell is probably best, what I absolutely loath is when a woman smells like she took a bath in it, begs the question what she's trying to hide. I don't like a lot of harsh/sharp smelling perfume, if it smells like it could be found in nature I'm all for it. As for myself, I'm not too keen on colonge, I shower in the mornings, put on some deodorant, after shave if I use it is scentless. One that I will never tire of is brute', it reminds me of my father, even then, one would have to get pretty up close to notice I have it on, I wash off the majority just after I put it on.

Then the topic of questions shifted to what type of women I look for, and the inevitable "men like blondes" came up. Women are women is what I say, if all you see is the hair color, you're missing out on a lot more. On came the laundry list of female celebrities that are in the news now:

Angelina Jolie, while hot, sexy and sensual, things would probably be a flash in the pan and be over just as fast.

Lindsey Lohan, while she may be cute and a star, to think of her gives me an erie pedophilie feel. My impression is she's lost, doesn't know who she really is yet, and trying to hard to fit in.

Pamela Anderson, *shudder* she reminds me of what one wakes up with after a night of hard drinking and saying "damn, what the hell did I do last night." I can't help but feel she isn't secure with herself as would be my feelings towards anyone who gets plastic surgery for vanity then necessity.

Paris Hilton....Don't know what to say to this one, just a girl that has more dollars then sense.

Then it came down to what I liked, the more girl next door type, could hang with the guys wearing jeans and a t-shirt and be totally at easy, then turn around get dressed up and look totally sexy. For celebrities, I'd have to say women like Sandra bullock, Ashley Judd, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Julia styles to name a few, women that are smart, intelligent....classy.

A few nights ago I rented Take the Lead, staring Antonio Banderas and my desire to learn ballroom dancing has be rekindled. Also got me to thinking, for much the same reasons I don't care for the "bump and grind" as I would for a tango. The difference between over the top sexy/sleazy and sensuality/leaving something for the imagination.

Guess this all falls back on the "me" generation and anything to get attention. Alas that's a topic for another day and another post.


Blogger Smartypants said...

I love to tango. Ballroom dancing was one of the best things I ever learned.

2:21 PM AKDT  

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