Monday, August 28, 2006

ooh the things I do to amuse myself

For those that know me, it's no secret how easily amused I am or the crazy things I'll to amuse myself. So, while this class I'm attending here in San Diego isn't exactly hard for me, nor is any of the material anything I haven't seen at least a half dozen times over, it's all a matter of shaking the cob webs off those particular memories.

Since I tend to be very focused on what I'm doing I haven't really figure on seeing many of the sights yet.

So being as I'm a bit wound up still, think a lot of it has to do with the timed release vitamins I've begun to take, I figured an old way to amuse myself. That being seeing just how much difference different types of music change the mood for the various porn clips I have on the laptop. Funniest I think is listening to O Fortuna from Orff's Carmina Burana, makes it seem like you're witnessing a dark or pagan ritutual. Chopin's The Entertainer makes it seem like you're watching a silent era film, only missing is to convert it the clip into a Sepa format :) Think I need to find a Dueling Bango's clip and see if I get flashes of Deliverance going.

Ok, enough procrastination, back to the books to shake some more rust off this stuff.


Blogger Sky said...

So how many porns do you have on your laptop these days?

9:30 AM AKDT  
Blogger gus said...

surprisingly, not that much. I dumped it all after being told we weren't allowed to have it on personal laptops aboard goverment ships.

probably a rule to be over looked but seeing as I'm still in my 1 year probationary period, I don't take any chances. Of course, once i'm a full goverment employee, will take quite a bit to get me fired :D

2:55 PM AKDT  

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