Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the big 100

well, I had a couple different topics I've been mulling over the last few days, especially on my weekend walks, but alas i loose momentum when I start trying to record my discussions with myself.

I had also planned on celebrating my 100th post and my 31st bday on the same day but I got side tracked yesterday, which isn't really hard to do in all honesty. been tired the last few days, however I am changing up my diet, the mini fridge is loaded up with "rabbit" food (I find it amusing since I'm a rabbit under the chinese zodiac) and I'm working one weining myself off caffine.

there was more I was gonna babble on about but I lost my train of thought again when a friend of mine who I haven't talked with in a while instant messaged me as i was just starting to type this entry out.

Oh well, there's not a whole of intresting things going on in my life right now, low key and in stealth mode, which is the way I tend to like things.


Blogger e.e. said...

Happy Birthday, my friend. It seems you are catching up to me (...but will always be 9 years behind me)!
Some things in life we can't change, huh?
Others we can. Thanks for continually stopping by and being my friend. I think I need a good kick in the ass.

6:03 PM AKDT  
Blogger Ladyred said...

Aw well happy birthday!

Funny. I'm a cock in the Chinese zodiac, but my fridge is so not stocked with them. Something's wrong there. Although I wouldn't want them in the fridge. Actually I prefer to use "rooster" lol.

I already reduced my caffeine, but I still drink two cups of coffee a day. I was going to get rid of that part but I simply don't want to. I don't drink soda or tea, well green tea but I try to get the decaf. So I can do with my two cups of java.

Hope you had (or will have) a good birthday! I have lots to ponder with mine coming up *sigh*

8:27 PM AKDT  

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