Sunday, October 15, 2006

incomplete thoughts and other stuff

My college creative writing proessor use to get on my case that my approach was unique, but I just seemed to lack a follow through or a choesiveness to my thoughts. I've been going back through my old posts, partly because I came across some old Wordperfect files from my writing in high school and college. I have a lot of intresting ideas, partly from how I view the world, but most of my writing for the last 16 or so odd years has been pretty much the same, I don't stay on any one topic for too long and most of my thoughts seem incomplete.

My approach to writing is heavily influenced by my native upbringing, in our fashion our history is passed down orally, so much of my writing reads as if I'm sitting down and having a conversation with the reader (albiet a one sided). While this is a source of much ease of writing, it is also a cause of my incomplete thoughts, by the time I finish holding the conversation with myself in my head, no matter how fast I type (believe me I'm fast) I can never record my thought process fast enough.

The hardest thing I've had to do in the process of writing is to edit my own work. I'm great about reading other people's work and able to discuess with them on how to fully bring out/develop their thoughts. Heck, given enough time and examples of writing I can mimic a lot of peoples' writing styles (how I use to earn a little extra cash in high school doing book reports for others in their own tone of voice) but when I see my own work, the issue is already resolved in my head and that's all that matters to me.

Gah, I'm way beyond ready to head back to sea. My updated/upgraded paperwork is back from the USCG and is inputed into the computer system, just waiting for the promotion to be pushed through. Means I'll fall under a different detailer for ship assignments, and unlike the others this fella's a 2nd Mate, so he knows what it's like to live/work at sea.

Speaking of the USCG, went to see The Guardian when it first came out. Definately enjoyed it except for two obvious and glaring errors that only someone from Alaska could notice. Both times they rescued people from Alaskan waters, they weren't dressed in imersion suites. If you work in the frigid waters, you just think real hard about having to abandon ship and those suites are on in less then a minute. That is one drill that is drummed into everyone who sets sail and that is how to don an imersion (survival) suite pretty darn quick and even how to do so while floating in the water. All in all though, glad there's some recognition for the one branch of the USCG that is tolerated even respected by those who ply the waters.


Blogger Ladyred said...

can i post yet?

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Blogger Ladyred said...

well yes I can. hehe.

Was thinking about seeing that movie. I think one of the guys from the Tybee Island CG was in that movie, they made some kind of press about it here in the news a little while ago. Can't remember, I probably was spacing out, too much on my mind.

Anyhoo now that I can post I don't have much to say at this time. go figure hehe

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