Friday, January 25, 2008


Ok, lets see if I can keep a connection long enough to upload some new pics from around home. Was a fun day to walk around, low clouds, a light brisk wind. Snow adds a sound insulating blanket to the town, great for meditating and contemplating. Of course, with all this cloud cover keeps winters mild, it reduces the amounts of Northern Lights we see, which are particularly active late fall to early spring.

There's been quite a bit of snow fall this winter, although not nearly as bad as last winter, which i was fortunate enough to miss the piling up of 26'. It's always fun to kick back and relax in the mornings with a cup of coffee looking out the bay windows watching the little chicadees feed at the many different feeds in the yard.

These next few shots are from the boat harbor. In the last few years it's become increasingly popular, low rates, a lot of natural protection and the town has a friendly reputation. One of my favorite past times when i visit home is to stroll along the piers and check out the boats. Many are old and familar, like old friends. I remember a great deal of people by what boat they own.


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