Saturday, February 07, 2009

Job Security.....

I think that's what Microsoft is shooting for, seems every time they roll out an update, they break more stuff then they actually fix.  Somewhere along the line my XP was upgraded to Service Pack 3 and since then things just haven't been working properly, especially my DVD drive.  At first I thought it was just dying since I seem to have worked this one harder then my Dell laptop.  After doing some research, seems since SP3 rolled out, lots of DVD drives aren't working properly.  To top thinks off Samsung/Toshiba no longer support the particular model I have in the current laptop.  So it looks like i'm off to the candy store called Best Buy tomorrow to see if I can find a better name brand of external dvd drive so I can at least watch movies on the up coming cruise.

Been in a cleaning mood today, first it was my stateroom (needed serious vacuuming damn down pillows), then it was my vehicle (looked like the gulls used it for target practice and were bombing in formation) and currently working on cleaning up XP while I wait for a load of laundry to wash.

Gonna have to put in a work order request to get the thermo stat fixed in my stateroom, can't get it to go above 63 degrees, so half the time i'm surfing the web wearing layers of clothes lest i catch cold.

I don't know why I like this picture, but i do.  Was playing with the camera on my phone and snapped it.  Was my breakfast one morning, pumpkin pie and a cup of coffee.

Guess it's what I remember most about being home, good coffee, home cooked meals, delicious baked goods (I do a good majority of the baking at home) lots of light and scenic views from nearly every window in the house.

Found some more pics from my time in Seward last year still on my pocket camera, I'll get 'em edited and posted soon.

My oldest sis says she can't keep up with how quickly my train of thought changes.  I keep telling her that someone is holding the change channel button the remote control of my thought process.

Damn, it's that late already, better check my laundry. ttfn


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