Saturday, March 01, 2008

under the radar

That's how I operate. stealth mode. I guess the nickname, "ghost", I earned as a dismounted mechanized infantryman is well suited to more then occasion. doesn't help matters any that i'm a night owl, i become more active as the sun starts to set. I ponder how much of that influence comes from the Army where we did everything in the dark of night or from my eyes, despite what my optomitrist says, they are light sensitive. By the time most people realize that I'm home for a visit, it's usually about the time I'm about ready to depart. There are a few social calls I need to make before I head back to Norfolk to await another ship assignment.

I've had to laugh at myself, slipping back into old habbits reflecting my time at home. I'm chomping at the bit to get back on a ship, lest I continue to expand my aresenal more then I already have in the two months I've been home. This is one of the more expenisve hobbies I have, not only the shooting of weapons but collecting high quality ones as well. I'm a big fan of German engineering, and so far all my experiences with Heckler & Koch firearms have been positive. Of course the models I want to buy will require a lot of paperwork and will probably raise some flags that might be cause of re-evaluating my security clearance.
Speaking of my security clearance, the ever efficient Homeland Security finally got around to processing my application for security clearance I filed pre-empoloyment for MSC two years ago. It's also become manditory that by my birthday of this year that I have to pick up yet another Identification Card, which requires a background check fee. Mind you, all the stuff they claim to be checking for is already been done to get my Merchant Marine's Card. Just another way the government is fleecing the working class all in the name of "safety and security." I can't help but recall Thomas Jefferson's quotation "Citizen's who sacrifice personal freedoms for security, loose both and deserve neither." Ok, time to get off the soap box.


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