Saturday, March 01, 2008

Coming Home

What it looked like when I returned home for a week back in October. I've spent enough time flying in these puddle jumpers that I've thought of getting my private pilot's license as well as my mariner's license. Gonna turn into a Jack of all trades, Master of none.

This view from the edge of the property line is always a good one. There's very little color to begin with but i still thought it looked better in black and white then color. This is what remains of a float a US Forest Service recreation cabin came down the bay upon. Between it falling apart and vandalism, they USFS decided it was safer to get rid of the house then try to keep/maintain it.

This picture is of my step-brother's new boat, his nickname is also Gus btw, the F/V Nighthawk. The mountain behind him is Mt. Fairweather, part of the Fairweather Range outside of Glacier Bay National Park. There are some advantages to having fishing as a hobby.

Forgot to upload this one as part of the other series with the eagles. I've always had a facination with eagles and lately with orcas. My more spiritial of sisters believes that these two animals are part of my animal guide group. How I came up with the name for my blogger address is from my native culture, and an oxymoron as well. Orcas by nature are sociably and family orientated creatures. I, on the other hand, while part of a large family dynamic choose to roam far and wide upon the seas of the world alone. Keet, the Tlingit name for Orca, and the lone symbolizing my roaming alone.

Sometimes I can see the appeal my little hometown has for the tourists that get off the ships. Oh, I think i forgot to mention that a few years back tour ships have now made the town a stop on the longer trips through the Inside Passage. I don't like it, the locals whoring out the culture, but if that's what it takes to keep the economy of the town going, i guess I'll just have to deal with it. It was inevitable that it would sucumb to commercialism, just hard for me to identify with it since I grew up living the culture instead of learning how to make a profit off it.

This is looking "up the bay", which is actually Neka Bay, of what is Port Frederick. The picture above, I believe, is from the White Alice site overlooking Icy Strait, the body of water just north of my hometown. This is a pretty good reason why a lot of the tourists have inquired about buying property here.


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