Friday, June 22, 2007

conscientious driver

Driving around the *cough* great state of New Jersey with Alaska plates kind of stands out, that gold and sky blue sticks out like a sore thumb against the faded yellow of a NJ plate. Had someone pull up next to me and ask if I enjoyed living in Alaska, kind of odd, but I guess he wouldn't have known that I'm still an Alaskan resident, just attached to a ship that's home ported in Leonardo, NJ. Here's some things I miss about living in Alaska.

When I got my ranger back in 2000, I use to see rangers everywhere on the road, but since I picked up my endeavor back in february, I think I've seen another on the road twice now.
I finally figured out a way to go back down to deck work after spending so much time up on watch. A little more research on exactly what I need to do for my Tankerman's endorsement and I'll make the request. So much easier to change when it appears I'm looking to benifit my career then just getting tired of being on watch all the time. I did find out that I need another 8 months sea time before I can start my training for 3rd Mate, was hoping to get into Pacific Maritime Institute's AB to Mate program come Janruary but will have to wait until next year's July class. Will give me time to sock away more money so I'm not stuck in Seattle for 20 weeks without the means to really enjoy the city.
I am looking forward to this deployment, we're suppose to be stopping in Roda, Spain and Suda Bay, Greece on the way over to the gulf. Definately not looking forward to spending the summer in the gulf, although I've already begun preperations for it, a second pair of safety shoes (steel decks in 130 air temp tend to melt the soles off), camel back water pack, lighter weight clothing and brighter clothes then the typical dark stuff I normally wear.
Trying to figure out if it's this constant shifting from "real" food to ship's food that has my digestive system upset. Can't really complain too much about the ship's food other then there isn't much variety to it, it is free and as much as you want to eat. I am eatting more salads, fruits and vegitables, try to take advantage of having fresh stuff when I can.
Well, that's it for this week, finish lunch and head back to ship for watch in a couple hours.

Friday, June 15, 2007

confusion, chaos and mayhem

after the past weekend, you could say my job of spreading confusion, chaos and mayhem has been completed. Served up a big shit sandwhich and nearly everyone of the ship's officers had to take a bite. The problem with the shit hitting the fan, it doesn't get distributed evenly.

The new third mate we had on ship for all of 8 days is now gone. It's his own doing but in an indirect way is my fault as well. He brough an unauthorized visitor onboard ship in violation of the Captain's orders and I didn't stop him like I was suppose to. But I figure, he's an adult, he's an officer he can deal with it and I sure as hell am not going to stand in a guys way to getting a piece of patch. Although that booty call has gotten me into more hot water then and I didn't even get a crack at it.

All the officers from the top on down to the bottom are scrambling to cover their own asses and burying us in a mound of paperwork. Haven't heard any more snide remarks after they got a look at my official witness statement. Stuck to the facts that I knew, well written, lots of detail and typed up.

I'll say one thing, there is a serious lack of standardized training onboard this ship, but yet we're getting our asses chewed out for training that we've never been properly given. Trying to decide if I want to stay on the ship for the full deployment, if I do, that's a nice chunk of change I'll be earning. If I decide I don't want to stay, all I need to do is put in a request for relief 60 days out. Down side there is it could be a little while before my next ship assignment and sitting around the "pool" for 8 hours at a time is enough to drive someone crazy.

Well, one battery is dead and I can't find a plug in, at least the wi-fi is free and fast, so a bit more research to get done before heading back to the ship for some much needed sleep.