Sunday, January 28, 2007


well, these inport watches kind of suck. Every week we're on a different watch, starting monday we go on the midnight to 8 am watch, having come off the midnight to noon watch over the weekend these will be a breeze.

The quandry always comes in, how much of what I do should I or could I talk about. Not like what I actually do is a big secret, just when, where and with whom is I guess.

On my random ramblins while I try to control my nerves, a grande cafe' mocha at starbucks on an empty stomach has me typing a bit faster then normal albiet with more mistakes.

A rental is a lot of fun, can drive a different car each weekend. we throw enough buisness towards Enterprise that they really work with the guys off the ship when we rent for the weekends. Over the weekend before christmas, I was working both christmas and new years, I had a Mitsubishi Endveor for the rate of a economy class, was nice. Two weeks ago I had a Chevy Impalla, was alright, but the Dodge Charger probably would have been more fun. Guess we'll see what I get this weekend, as I head down to D.C. to visit my oldest sister.

Anyone ever have their bank call them and ask if everything is alright because your balance is substantialy higher then it's ever been since opening the account? yeah, I thought that was kind of weird too but intresting none the less.

Being stuck in New Jersey without a vehicle really really sucks. I have no idea what's up with these "jug handles" but there's no left turns allowed, waste of time and space if you ask me.

Anyways, throwing up a few pictures I managed to take while onboard the USNS Supply. I'll try to add more later on when I can actually get access to an electrical outlet at a wi/fi cafe'.