Tuesday, February 13, 2007

oh happy days!

well, let's try this post again.

looks like in the near future I'll be driving my own vehicle again! :)

just got off the phone with the dealer, he sounded rather excited about the prospect of me buying the one I was looking at, I guess offering to put down a little over 50% kind of help greases the right wheels.

I haven't had a vehicle of my own since my 2000 Ranger lease was up in '03. I was considering getting another Ranger, I rather like it but then I started looking at a Tacoma since I've heard nothing but good things about Toyota's quality control. Then after getting an Endeavor for a rental back in December, I've considered buying one and the other night I found one at a rather crazy cheap price considering it's on '06 model.

Feel good enough about all this that I won't get into the crap that went on during my shift on the ship today, I'll just say the officers in charge wonder why there's such a high turn over of crew despite it being on of the "money" ships in the fleet.

Things are just coming together in a very positive way for this vehicle, just keep thinking positive thoughts and I will find myself driving off the lot with it.


well that post went kaput, I don't like this "new" blogger crap.