Saturday, January 14, 2006

Random Thoughts

Am I being too picky in expecting websites to operate the way they should?
Just spent the last half hour trying to submit my application to the State for my Stafford Loan for a program that I might not be able to get into, at least a 40-60 person wait list for this up coming class. Now I get to start the application process over from 1/2 through it the next time I try, hopefully what ever bug they have going will be fixed by then.

I was letting my mind wander the other day, still unsure if it came back, and started to ponder the reasons for my extremely short term memory. My long term memory is great, with the right sensory triggers I can remember stuff back 27 years. The flip side is I have a hard time keeping track of what I do day to day. I keep a note book in my pocket for my to do lists every day or I'll loose track of what I have done or what I need to do.

This sounds to me a little bit like dementia, a side effect linked to mercury exposure. This really got me to wondering about the fillings I was given growing up, they may be silver but they aren't pure silver, there's usually a % of mercury in them. What really sparked this train of thought was a memory of a cleaning I had done in the Army, they had just switched to private contractors for this type of work and the dentist upon looking at my teeth commented something like 'I didn't think they still did work like this.' They ended up removing two silver fillings and replacing them with porcelain kinds.

I hate dentists, always have and probably always will, although I can thank them for my extremely high tolerance for pain. My body's always been a quick healer, so novacaine passes through my system quickly. Not to mention we had Government paid dentists growing up, couldn't afford anything beyond BIA health/dental clinics. Very often novacaine would be wearing off by the time the dentist got around to doing a filling or pulling a tooth. Lord help the next dentist who decides to work on me, if it's a male dentist he better keep the "boys" out of reach or whatever pain I feel he will feel the same.


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