Sunday, December 18, 2005

A few musing about kids

I've always been good with kids, tends to surprise a great many people.

This was an interesting night many years ago. Was a potlatch in honor of my paternal grandmother, a great matriarch of the family and tribe. There are only a handful of potlatches held annually so they tend to be busy and long events. Usually when people get their names or when adoptions into the tribe happen.

I digress, this is my cousin Melissa. That night she was just fussy and no one could do anything with her. I was over talking with my sisters and they were standing next to her mother. Since I was the closest person, her mother handed her to me while she rummaged through her baby bag for a bottle. No joke, she settled down in moments and was soon fast asleep in my arms. This drew a great many comments from the elder women in the group, many who act as match makers. My oldest sister decided she wanted a picture of it, and I didn't, which is why I'm somewhat hiding behind Melissa.

This is also one of my first pairs of colored contacts, tended to put people on edge that all of a sudden I had a steel grey eye color instead of the dark brown I was born with. In recent years I've played around with different colors, dark green, dark blue, light grey, most look fairly natural with me. The green more so, I have a small percentage of Russian ancestry within my blood quorum, it's starting to show through now with some of my facial hair turning red.

Another funny incident happened when I was visiting my friend AT in Oklahoma over one thanksgiving on a weekend pass. Her nephew who was about 16 months at the time really took a liking to me, probably because I had the chance to spend a good deal of time with him during the day. I also have a tendency to treat kids no matter the age as an equal in intellect rather then most people would for their age. AT and I had returned from the post thanksgiving day sale shopping and arrived at her mother's house at the same time as her brother BT, the kid's father. BT walked in the door just ahead of me and his so coming running past him and gave me a hug. I became "uncle Gus" after that.

I enjoy kids, just not sure if I want any of my own just yet, much to my mother's dismay.


Blogger Sky said...

You will have kids just haven't met the right woman yet.

3:32 AM AKST  

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