Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Thought I'd share some pictures I've taken

A pod of humpbacked whales group feeding off Pt. Adolphus

This was a parting shot as we were leaving the area.

Don't remember which cruise line ship is in front of John Hopkins Glacier.

This picture is of the South Sawyer Glacier calving in Tracy Arm National Park.
There are others I'll upload later, they tend to be fairly high resolution and I like to leave them that way, makes good desk top back grounds. This wireless/satellite internet really sucks when there's rain/snow falling.


Blogger e.e. said...

jeez, Gus.

It is my lifetime dream to see Alaska, and the whales/killer whales/bald eagles in their natural habitat.

I have a poster of a Teklanika Sunrise on my living room wall.
These images are just gorgeous.
Thank you.

3:57 PM AKST  
Blogger e.e. said...

What time of year were the whales there? Summertime? Which Bay were they in?
Are there ever any whale strandings/beachings there?

4:00 PM AKST  

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