Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Honesty is the best policy.

I realize that a lot of what I've talked about is probably taken with a grain of salt. Some of them sound a bit too outrageous to be true, I wouldn't blame you. Part of the reason I never worried about being recalled to active duty shortly after 9/11. None of what I did was "official". Heck my DA201 file, a list of what we've done officially only shows that I've completed basic training, and completed my term of service at a permenate post.

Honesty has always been my policy. Sure you can probably get away with stuff by not being honest, but once it become exposed all your actions become suspect. Being honest, sure it hurts a little at first, but in the long run, you gain a reputation as being honest and soon you have respect.

I got into trouble once in a while in the army, had to stand before the company 1SG, the unofficial commander of the unit. If I messed up and got caught, yes I was honest about it. It usually caught everyone off guard that I was honest and up front about my mistakes and accepted my punishment stoically and with poise. Me being honest probably kept me out of more trouble or at least kept the punishment to something simple like an hour extra duty in the evenings.

Being honest allowed me to earn the respect of many of the company's NCO's. They ran interference for me so that I could complete my four years active duty service and get out with an honorable discharge.

I found out recently from one of my old room mates who I've kept in contact with since we've both gotten out, that another reason I was kept around; my ability to shoot extreme accurate out to extreme distances. He actually sounded surprised that I didn't know I was being jockeyed over because of my skills.


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