Thursday, December 01, 2005

Some people only learn the hard way

My oldest sister messages me asking if I can pick up the bill for her storage unit that's still in juneau. For somene who has a teaching certificate and working on a second bachelors and on to a masters, she doesn't have much for planning ahead. This isn't the first time i've had to bail her out, she has a knack of wanting to play first and take care of bills later.

Ordinarily I would tell her to sleep in the bed she's made, but this time I have something to loose, I have some very high value items in with her stuff as well. I wouldn't have it there but at the time I was moving away from Juneau in preperation for heading south, I didn't have the means of transporting them.

I'd let them seize her stuff and auction it off, but my shotgun alone is probably worth $1200, a good investment I made 14 years ago when I bought it for about 1/3 that price. I've thought of selling it off for some time now, and am still debating keeping an item that I wouldn't use except for the rare target shooting.

To top it off, the bill is higher then what she told me when I agreed to pay it.

She's burning her financial bridges pretty fast.


Blogger E-E said...

Your sister is also burning her 'favors' bridges pretty fast too.
I used to do this to my older brother all the time... now he is in dire straights, not working, and trying to take care of my dad... and I have come to help him. I guess it works both ways, and she should realize this, I hope.

6:48 AM AKST  

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