Friday, December 02, 2005

Prelude to something?

I've been going through two strange phases lately.

First is this need to train, to begin to pass on what I've picked up over the years. It is quite a bit considering my age, but then again, I take in knowledge like a sponge does water. I've always done what I could to help others so that they aren't constantly recreating the wheel, no sense in that. One thing that's been brought up is if I would be willing to help teach a 100 ton Master's License course here in town. I'm looking to head south again as soon as possible, but I wouldn't mind pitching in where I could. Don't know how much good I'd be, it's hard for me to teach what comes almost instinctual to me.

The other is thinning out of my hoarding, yes I'll admit I'm some what of a packrat. A lot of it has been books, all of them I've read and probably won't read again. With the budget cut backs of the local school system over the years, one of the things I noticed while browsing the library was the general lack of new books. So I've spent days going through various boxes I've got stored and started pulling out books I won't read again and taken them to the library. I've lost count but some where in the neighborhood of four dozen books, all in good condition some look brand new still.

I was thinking one day of a quote, i have no idea who said it anymore.."a book is like a good friend, you can visit anytime by just opening the cover." I thought of how much I'm enjoying the Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O'brian, and while I'd like to keep the series, I thought of the other people in town who could enjoy the series, so i decided to give so that others may enjoy what I have over the years.

This was what I was starting to post earlier before my sister's request sent me into a tail spin and stirred up feelings of resentment that I have to bail her out once again.


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