Friday, December 16, 2005

a little late on the HNT

Alright, so the picture I originally took for HNT is still in the camera, can't find my camera to computer interface cable nor the spare. When i'm organized i'm really organized, when I'm not well I'm not.

Most of the pictures of me are old, I absolutely hate having my picture taken. I've always been of a large stature, having adapted to bear the burden of living off the land so I've kind of had self image issues. Doesn't help matters any that the four years I was in the army I had to constantly hear that I was "over weight" despite being in the kind of physical shape that you only see in olympic class athletes.

Anyways, this a self portait of myself when I drove a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. Had a disposable camera that I'd accidently advanced so rather then take another picture of the inside of my pocket I snapped this one. I've had people tell me I look angery, while granted I disliked being a driver, I don't think my anger issues started to arise until about a year and a half after this was taken.


Blogger e.e. said...

Gus, this is a very cool photo!

Damn, you look so young!

6:04 PM AKST  

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