Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cold and Bored

Ok, so north is a bit colder then home, I knew that but how much colder I didn't know. There is better chances to see the Northern Lights the further north you go, but it's been minimal activity since I arrived. Although I did miss a good shot of a near full moon rising over these mountains across the sound, I do wish my snazzy digitial camera were more portable, one of the trade offs of a digital SLR.

Anyways here some more photos I've just gotten downloaded from my father's camera so I figured I'd share some more.

Not sure where this is, probably Inian Pass, looks like an old native chief over watching the fisherman who pass by the area.

Another great sunset facing the Fairweather Range.

From the path of the shadows I would say this is a snowy sunrise over looking View Cove.

Gotta put up with the rain if you want a Rainbow, and Southeast Alaska recieves a lot of rainfall.

One of the hazards of life in Alaska.

I'll probably throw up some more photos, I'm in a picture posting kind of mood.


Blogger e.e. said...

great shots, Gus. Great posts...

Thank you for sharing!!!!
Stay warm and be safe, okay?!

2:20 PM AKST  

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