Monday, October 31, 2005

a bit confused

not sure if it's because I grew up around older women, but all the advice they ever gave me about dealing with girls and dating, I took to heart.

I find it strange, I always hear women complaining about finding a nice man, but yet look past the nice men and go for the "bad boys".

I have a former co worker, who I'll call RR, she's roughly my own age, which is surprising, either they are much older or much younger then me. Anyways, if I treat her with respect, as a person, and rather gentlemanlike, she thinks I'm up to something. However, if I'm a smart ass, rude, crude and some what perverted, she gets a kick out of it and doesn't think twice about it.

Men are pretty easy to figure out, but after all these years, women still baffle me.


Blogger Sky said...

Men are pretty easy to figure out. You have got to be kidding me! As for RR, she is used to you being rude, sarcastic and a smart ass...when all of a sudden you are nice, caring, etc of course she is going to wonder what you were up to...that's human nature.

3:59 AM AKST  
Blogger NewYorkMoments said...

I always know what men are thinking and it's never very much.


2:28 AM AKST  
Blogger Sky said...

oooh nym so bad, so bad :P

5:46 AM AKST  

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