Sunday, October 23, 2005

Florida Sympathy pains

Must be having sympathy pains for Florida. Definitely some high winds over night, was waken at 03:30 with what sounded like the roof being blown off. Being too tired to bother reading the aerometer gauge of the Oregon scientific forecast station, I estimate that we received winds about 40 knots sustained for a score of minutes at a time. A brief pause as if mother nature was taking another breath, and the wind was back. This went on until first light when all wind just stopped as suddenly as it started.

Only damage we sustained was a PVC flag pole bent in half and the antenna base for the house CB and VHF radios was blown over, which knocked the satellite dish out of alignment.

Other that, this was a perfect day for the Rustic Chicken Stew I prepared last night and was set to cooking all day on the wood stove.


Blogger Sky said...

And where is my stew, my dear?

1:23 PM AKDT  

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