Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Like BASF, I don't create the stuff, I make it better

I’ve always had to deal with whispers of favortisim, but when you grow up in a large family in a small town, there’s always going to be times when the people being hired are relations. A few times, yes family may have helped get the foot in the door, but after that all my success was due to my hard work. Every time I’ve started out doing the crap jobs that no one else wanted to do and by seer persistance and dedication I worked my way up the ladder.

A good many of supervisors I’ve worked under, always wanted to maintain a status quo. I don’t, I’m in constant search of how to do things better, faster, more efficient. If I was given a leadership position, I worked right alongside those who I was supervising, lead by example. This also gave me an idea of how the job works, how I do the job and how other people do the job. No sense in recreating the wheel every time, I learned and apply what I see other’s doing, there’s more then one way to skin a cat.

I also have the ability to work under the bigger picture. Years ago, working at a fish processing plant inbetween finishing my year of college and entering into the army, I was appointed dock supervisor at the age of 19. The plant foreman use to tease me if I wanted his job, not because he was afraid for it, but he knew I was capable of planning on a larger scale. Very often he’d approach me before each work day would start with what kind of poundage he needed to go through the freezers. Having an odd memory for details, I’d know the approximate poundage we’d yet to process, having bought and stored on ice the fish prior to processing. I could very often tell him to within a plus or minus five minute accuracy 10 hours later when the last of the processed fish would go into the freezers.

I brought up the fish plant, since five seasons prior when I started out as a general laborer, my mother was the book keeper. Many considered her the person in charge since it was her signature on the paychecks. This was my first experience dealing with favortisim, and I got around it by working harder then anyone else.


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