Saturday, February 11, 2006

Crazy childhood

I was speaking briefly with RR about the memories I've recounted about growing up and she's in agreement with me that they aren't as funny in print as they are in person.

I'll just leave it at; my mother is finally getting an idea that her kids weren't the little angels she thought we were growing up. We got threatened a lot with "I'm going to speak with your father about this...." but it never happened and if it did I think my dad probably had a hard time keeping a straight face at our antics. I'd say at least a good third of what I did for mischief were ideas that he gave me, probably another third fell under "I wonder what would happen if...." and the other third was tormenting them unfortunate Mormon kids that got stuck growing up in the same village as us for the summer.

Half the stuff we did as normal, looking back, I'm surprised I lived through it all. It's no wonder I didn't think I was going to live to see 25.


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